Acupuncture is yet another treatment method for obesity


Acupuncture is yet another treatment method for obesity. By exciting vertain meridians in the body, it balances Yin and Yang, tonify the organs, accelerate blood circulation and achieve the aim of weight loss.


1, Skin refining

It has good effect and less pain. The effect  acupuncture has in toning, relieving and skin refining is unparalleled.

2, Comprehensive tonification

3, Healthy and safe

Acupuncture weight loss is safe and reliable. It causes no damage to human body.

Applicable people. Click to find out the applicable group of Zi Xiu Tang Pollen Capsule

White collars who sit for a long time and exercise very little.

Postpartum mom: eliminate belly fat, suppress appetite

Partial obesity: eliminate the fat on the face, arms, waist and legs.

Fashion buffs: sculpture a nice and curvy figure

Menopause fat: Get rid of all kinds of difficult-to-lose fat.

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