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Some simple diet to go on for slimming

If you feel inferior because of your chubby face, if you have not been in a relationship because of the unsightly dewlaps on your waist, if you have spent a lot of money and energy for weight loss yet it failed anyway, then here is your chance to get some weight loss.

Methods 1

Shed 12% of your body fat in 12 days

The first 3 days

Have vegetables and fruits for meals. Eat fruits for breakfast, fruits and vegetables for lunch and vegetables for supper(not oil and salt)

The following 4 to 6 days

Have milk and yogurt with no preservatives

The last 6 days

Go for fruits and vegetables, milk and yogurt together.

Method 2

Japan's new Mini Diet

Spare 2 days in a week for this diet. Eat liquid food such as porridge, soybean milk, fruit juice, cheese or jelly. It is said that this kind of mini diet helps to remove the body wastes, make intestines and stomach smoother and make the skin more lustering.

Method 3:

Vinegar weight loss

Vinegar can be very effective in slimming you down. You can get about 6 kg of weight loss. Vinegar contains amino acids which can consume the body fat, and ensure a well-function metabolism system. According to researches, if obese people take 15 ml to 20 ml of vinegar on a daily basis, they can lose 3 kg of weight.

Method 4

Bee Pollen Pills Zi Xiu Tang:

Take some Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Pills with vinegar water. You can also eat small amount of fruits. You can lose as much a 10 pounds in 3 days.


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