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weight loss tips for you

Some say that they get fat even when they drink water. Is it that you are strictly controlling your meals and have missed out so many delicacies? Is there any other way less painful?

weight loss tips for you

Honey diet

1, Day 1: drink only honeyed water;

2, Day 2 and 3: normal diets (no overeating);

3, Day four honeyed water only;

4, Day 5 and 6: normal diets (no overeating).

Normally speaking, you can slim down 3-4 kilograms through this method but if really can't stand having honey all day long, substitute one meal in day day with it. This can be o some help as well.

Weight loss through Chinese traditional medicine

1, take 100g cassia seed, 15 g fried hawthorn, 10g dried tangerine peel, liquorice 2 slices.

2, Add in six bowls of water aaaand heat till boil with big fire. Then turn to medium heat and let it boil for 3 more minutes, take out the liquid.

3, Take the medicine once a day. if by any chance diarrhea occurs, take it every other day.

Tip: Eat less sweet food, fried food or starch during this process.


1, It is better do this after shower every day

2,Slap on the part gently where you wish to be slim.

3, If it is the thighs, slap on the inward side of them.

4,If it is the belly, it should be 1 hour before the meal or 2 hours after the meal.

General tips:

1, Avoid midnight nourishment and eat less snacks.

2, Have three meals regularly (stomach 80% full) Do not overeat during meals. Chew for more times in order to digest well.

3, Avoid fried or sweet food as far as possible.

4, no intense exercises (Walking and bowling are accepatable)

5, Cut on starch, rice or flour food but do not go without them.

6, Use less oil when cooking.


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